History of the Utah Jazz Nickname

The Utah Jazz has a long storied history that goes back to the late 1970’s The nickname though has a unique history as rich as that of the team itself. The main reason that this is so popular is the fact that most people do not associate the words Utah and jazz with one another. There is a reason for that and as a result lets take a look at the history of how the nickname came to be associated with the team. The teams history has been one of the most colorful and rich that the NBA has seen in some time.

Expansion Into the NBA
Here is where it all started. In 1974, New Orleans was granted an expansion team. The team came into existence and soon became the 18th member of the NBA. There was one issue though, no one really knew what to call the new team. Some people had never put any real thought into is as they did not honestly expect that New Orleans would even have a shot at getting the team. Nonetheless, New Orleans did and they needed a name.

The Jazz are Born
After some time, there was a contest that was held to determine the new name of the team that had been adopted by New Orleans. There were a number of names that the people had to choose from. The Jazz, Dukes, Crescents, Pilots, Cajuns, Blues, Deltas and Knights. These were the last names that were to be chosen from. The team went and thought hard about the decision as to what to call the new team. It was June, 7 1974 that the team finally decided on the Jazz. Pete Maravich was the first player that was drafted to the team on May 3, 1974. Steve Brown was announced as the man that had chosen the name Jazz as did two other people out of a random drawing, Brown was announced as the winner and as a result received two sets of season tickets to the first season of the New Orleans Jazz.

The people of New Orleans embraced the name of the team and soon showed their support in a very large way. The Team had one of the most successful inaugural seasons of any team in the NBA. The colors for the team were chosen long before the name of the team was chosen. These colors were Purple, Green and Gold. This just happened to work out perfectly for the Jazz.

Move to Utah
From 1974-1979 the Jazz remained in New Orleans. It was the owners of the team that made the decision to move the team to Utah. While there was no history in Utah of Jazz, the team decided to keep the name and soon the team was embraced by the people of Salt Lake City as being their team. Over the course of the following years, the Jazz became one of the most popular teams in the NBA. All these years later, it is still one of the teams that has some of the most loyal fans.

This is the basic history of the Utah Jazz and the nickname. While it has been a long road for the team, they have shown that they have had some of the most engaging fans in the NBA. As the years continue to pass, the popularity of the Jazz will continue to grow. This is the kind of excitement that the owners of the Jazz hoped for when they formed the team way back in 1974.